"What is the statement we shall disagree upon?"

Debate Topics
It is resolved that… 
1.    All students should have an after school job.
2.    Partial birth abortion should be illegal.
3.    Every student should be required to take a performing arts course.
4.    Homework should be banned.
5.    School uniforms should be required.
6.    Year round learning is not a good idea for student learning.
7.    The legal drinking age should be lowered to 18.
1.    PE should be required of all students throughout high school.  students should be required to perform one year of community service.
2.    Schools should block Youtube.
3.    Students should be able to leave school for lunch.
4.    All parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having a child.
5.    Single sex schools are better for students.
6.    Students should be held legally responsible for bullying in schools.
7.    Cyberbullying that occurs outside of school, should be punished by the school.
8.    Teachers should not be allowed to contact students through social media.
9.    Public prayer should not be allowed in schools.
10. High stakes State testing should be abolished.
11. All people should be vegetarians.
12. Renewable forms of energy should be subsidized by the government.
13. Should America provide foreign aid to countries that kill and sell items from endangered animals.
14. It is never appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech.
15. Human cloning should be banned.
16. Poetry should be removed from the curriculum.
17. Macs are better than PCs.
18. Androids are better than iPhones.
19. The US Government should fund a space mission to Mars.
20. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) should be banned.
21. Democracy is the best form of government.
22. All citizens who do not vote should pay a fine.
23. The death penalty should be abolished.
24. Sports stars should be positive role models.
25. The right to bear arms is a necessary constitutional amendment.
26. Grades should be abolished.
27. Progressive tax rates are unfair.
28. The voting age should be lowered.
29. The driving age should be raised.
30. Sharing music online should be allowed.
31. Video games are too violent.
32. History is an important subject in school.
33. Schools should not be allowed to track students.
34. Students should be required to pass algebra to graduate.
35. Affirmative action should be abolished.
36. Students should not be graded on their handwriting.
37. Women should not get the right to vote. (Note: This provides students with historical context for the19th Ammendment.)
38. America should not give foreign aid to other countries.
39. The government should provide wireless service for everyone.
40. Smoking should be illegal.
41. People should be fined for not recycling.
42. Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.
43. Parents should be allowed to choose their baby's gender.
44. Animal testing should be banned.
45. Corporations should be allowed to donate money to political campaigns.
46. Drone attacks against specific targets are a necessary part of modern warfare.
47. US representatives and senators should have term limits.
48. All students should take an online course while still in high school
49. Social media comments should be protected by free speech.
50. A border fence should be constructed between US and Mexico.
51. Same sex marriage should be legal.
52. Intelligent design should be taught in science classes.

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