Building a Simple Case

                                                      DEBATE CASE          
Your name:______________

I.                    Resolution (typed exactly right):

II.                  Definitions of all your terms in the resolution:

III.                Claim #1: (state a truth about the topic that fits your side of the argument)

IV.                What are the values attached to this claim?
(Hint: This is what matters, or this could be what is at stake ?)

V.                  Write out an argument to support this claim: (go for Ethos, Pathos, or Logos- or all three here!)
(Hint: who, what, where, when, why, and how are the people going to be affected by this truth?)

VI.                Find evidence/facts to support your argument:

(Hint: This needs to come from EXPERTS in the areas that would know most about the topic you are covering…they can provide numerical, statistical, study, experience, cases, instances of proof, photos, charts, graphs, interviews, knowledge…etc)

***TEST YOUR EVIDENCE with the tests I gave you!!! ****

***Cite the source of all your evidence clearly and completely in your argument and keep it for the debate!!!****

VII.              Wrap it back around (with reasoning) to the resolution and why it matters to us!

Make sure we see the point clearly by the end as to why we should do, think or believe what you are sayingJ - then you have persuaded us effectively. Sell it!

Once you have finished your first claim

REPEAT  III. – VII – for claim #2

REPEAT  III. – VII – for claim #3

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